Hair Care

Killah Kollection Hair Care 


All hair wigs requires care and maintenance and depending on the type of hair is the requirements you need to exert for your hair to be looking great. It is to be noted that although hair wigs are made from real human hair, they do not get full moisture from the scalp like your real hair so they require more tremendous hair maintenance. With proper hair care and maintenance, hair wigs could maximize its durability.

In order to maintain the luxurious looks of your Killah Kollection Wig, you need to be extra careful on the procedures and the hair products you use in maintaining your wigs. It is highly recommended that hair wigs are to be washed once or twice a week so to keep it hygienic and lessen the probability of tangling.

Washing the Hair

  • Cleanse the wig using mild moisturizing shampoo that is added to a small amount of water. Putting shampoo directly to the hair will damage it.
  • Massage the hair gently; avoid pulling the hair and scrubbing forcefully. Keep all strands down to avoid tangling.
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water and squeeze lightly.
  • Condition your hair. Use a low pH conditioner in order to retain its moisture.
  • Pat hair to remove excess water and if possible air dry your hair wigs. Do not rub with a towel as it may cause harsh damage. You may also use hair dryer but make sure to use ones with diffuser or set it to medium temperature. Using of high heat blow-dry can damage your hair and reduce its gorgeous look.
  • Brush the hair gently with a vent brush or wide tooth comb and do not exert great amount of force to tangled hair strands to maintain its silkiness and smoothness.
  • Use of moisturizing treatment can be done once a week.

Hair Storage

Keeping your hair wigs when not in use is just as important as when you use them. You have to store them in such a way that it will be prevent them from being damaged. For easier storage, keep the wig on its wire stand or you can use satin cloth after wrapping the hair as it helps to absorb oils and unnecessary moisture out of the hair. Avoid using cotton cloth as it causes the hair to be frizzy and dry and will lead to split ends and hair breakage.

Dealing with Frizz and Dryness

If you notice that your hair is dry and frizzy, you have to stop washing your hair with shampoo and wash it with just a high quality conditioner. In addition, apply oil treatment or serum after the hair is fully dried to repair the hair wig and afterwards, wrap it loosely with a satin cloth. Killah Kollection wigs will be free from frizz and dryness when a leave on conditioner is sprayed after it is being washed.