Frequently Asked Questions

What type of hair do you sell? 

When purchasing hair from Killah Beauty our clients can expect 10A Virgin Hair.

Is the picture on the website exactly the same as what I will receive?

When shopping with Killah Beauty we ensure all of our clients will recieve the same product as shown on the website.

Are custom colours available? 

Yes! All custom colour inquiries can be sent to directly to us at 

Who customizes the hair? 

When a customization order has been placed a trained Killah Beauty team member will oversee all hair realted services.

How is the hair packaged? 

At Killah Beauty we take great care of all our units and products, any merchadise will be sold in the orginal a Killah Beauty packaging.  

What happens if I miss or dont show up for my appointment? 

If you are 30 minutes late your appointment will be cancelled.

How do deposits work when booking appointments? 

The deposit option is provided for clients who wish to secure their appointments time-slot by paying a portion of their appointments total cost.

On the day of your appointment the the remaing balance is expected to be paid in cash, debit or credit.

If a client fails to show up for their scheuled appointment, any deposit that was made will not be eligable for refund.

Please note all deposits are non-refundable or transferrable unless you cancel your appointment within 24-hours.

Can I purchase a product from the website if cash is my only method of payment?

If you wish to purchase a product from our website but cash is your only avaliable method of payment.

Please send an "item pick-up" request to

Can I book an appointment if I only have cash?

If you wish to book an appointment but cash is your only avaliable method of payment. An "appointment booking request" must be sent to

Please Note: The manual booking fee will apply to this procedure. 

Can I bring a friend to my appointment?

In compliance with the covid-19 regulations please do not bring any additonal guests to your appointments.

(i.e.friends/family or toddlers/children)

Lash Related Questions

Q: How are the lashes applied?
A: One lash extension is applied to each individual natural lash. Each lash appointment is personal and unique. 

Q: What should I do before my appointment? 
A: Avoid mascara, have a fresh clean face and make sure lashes are oil free. 

Q: How far in advance should I book my appointment if I have a special event to go to or I’m traveling? 
A: We advise our clients to book at least a week in advance to avoid disappointment! 

Q: How long do lash extensions last? 
A: With the proper care lash extensions last anywhere from 2-6 weeks

Q: Are there risks that come with getting lash extensions? 
A: There is the risk of allergic reaction as people with sensitive eyes may tear up and experience redness due to the fumes produced bythe lash glue. 

Q: Will lash extensions damage my natrual lashes? 
A: The chances of damage to your lashes are extremely low. Lash extensions should always be applied and removed by a professional . 

Q: Can I still do things like swim, shower, exercise, or go to the spa with my lash extensions? 
A: Yes.

Q:  If I get lash extensions somewhere else can I come to you for a refill? 
A: Refills are only performed on sets that were originally applied by Killah Beauty 

Cancellations, Rescheduling & Late policy

In order to have your deposit refunded you must cancel your appointment 24-Hours before your appointment. 

A 24-Hour notice is required for rescheduling  appointments. 

There is a 15-minute grace period when running late for your appointment. 

 If your lateness exceeds past the grace period a $15.00 cancelation fee will be applied to your appointment.  After 30 minutes your appointment will be cancelled! 

We advise all of our clients to plan ahead to avoid any additonal fees.

Deposits & Payment

Deposits can be made for all of our appointment based services. The remainder of your balance is expected to be paid in person through either cash, debit or credit. 

Q: What payment methods do you accept? 
A: Our website accepts all major debit and credit cards including PayPal. For our on-site transactions we accept all major debit and credit cards as well as cash. 

Orders & Shipping Related Questions

Q: Can I change my order information?
A: Once an order is placed customers have 24-hours to confirm any changes or adjustments to their order. After 24-hours orders cannot be changed. 

Q: How are orders shipped?
A: Products are shipped out via Canada Post, but in special situations we may offer local delivery and pickup. 

Q: When should I expect to receive my order? 
A: All orders placed take 1-3 business days to process, once processing has been completed expected delivery takes 5-10 business days

Q: Can I check my order status? 
A: Yes, all orders shipped are delivered with a tracking number.

Q: Am I able to come pick up my order in person? 
A: All pickup requests must be sent to 

Q: Where do your products ship from? 
A: All products are shipped from Toronto, Ontario.

Q: Do you ship to other countries? 
A: Yes, we offer worldwide shipping.

Rush Fees

If you request a service to be delivered faster than our normal processing time a rush fee of 25% will be added to the final total. 

Rush service inquires can be sent to

 Emergency Appointments 

Q: I need an appointment ASAP but there is no available times. What do I do? 
A: Emergency appointments are not available on our website. 

Please contact us at for inquires. 

Q: How are rush fees applied for appointments? 
A: If your request for an emergency appointment is confirmed the rush fee of 25% will be applied to your appointment. 

Q: Will I be able to request a specific time for my emergency appointment? 
A: Emergency appointments will be taken upon the stylists/technicians given availability.   


Killah Beauty is doing its part to ensure the safety of our employees and clients. 

Please adhere to the following COVID-19 regulations when visiting the establishment. 

 • Stay at home if you are feeling sick

 • Masks are mandatory 

 • Wash/Sanitize hands 

 • No additional guests when attending your appointment (i.e.friends/family or toddlers/children)

 • Maintain physical distancing from co-workers and customers when possible

 • Participating in a workplace screening initiative 

HandcraftedbyS (Appointment Policy)

 Before attending your appointment your hair must be washed and throughly detangled. 

 There is a 15-minute grace period when running late for your appointment. 

 If your lateness exceeds past the grace period a $15.00 cancelation fee will be applied to your appointment. After 30 minutes your appointment will be cancelled! 

 We advise all of our clients to plan ahead to avoid any additonal fees.

 In compliance with the covid-19 regulations please wear a mask and please do not bring any additonal guests to your appointments. (i.e.friends/family or toddlers/children) 

Manual Booking Fees

At Killah Beauty customer service is one of our top priortities next to maintaining high-levels of professionalism. 

Clients who require appointments to be booked manually on their behalf will be charged an additional fee of $10.00 CAD. 

All manual booking inquires must be sent to

Wig Installation Policy

In order for the Killah Beauty team to make the most out of your wig installation we request that all of our fairies adhere to the following rules:

• Wig must be dropped off 1-2 days before scheduled appointment

• Customizations to units are an additonal charge and must be comunicated prior to wig installation appointments (Plucking, Bleaching Dyeing etc)

• When attending your wig installation appointment, please come with your hair washed! Killah Beauty does not offer hair washing services at this time.

All inquires regarding wig drop-offs can be sent directly to